Welcome to the 2024 Tax and Financial Wellbeing Program

2024 Tax and Financial Wellbeing Program with YOUtax

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2024 Tax and Financial Wellbeing Program with YOUtax

Welcome to the 2024 Tax and Financial Wellbeing Program

Your company has partnered with YOUtax to provide Tax and Financial Wellbeing Services to support your corporate wellness program.

This includes the following:
Educational Webinars – To improve your financial literacy and to explain the most up to date ATO Taxation Legislation and Superannuation changes for the betterment of your and your family’s financial wellbeing.

Discounted Advisory Support Services – Providing you with access to affordable tax and advisory services during tax season and throughout the year. YOUtax are a team of Professional tax accountants qualified to provide the simplest and most technical tax advice.

Corporate Partner Discount Offer

YOUtax are Offering 20% Off Basic Tax Return Preparation and Lodgement Services. 
*Discounts do not apply to add-on services.

Add-on fees apply for additional tax advisory services e.g., Investment reporting like Cryptocurrency, Investment Rental Schedules, and Capital Gains Tax Calculations. For fee transparency, why not check out our services and pricing with our Instant Quote Tool

Pre-Tax Webinar Series

All Corporate Partner Team Members and Staff can book for any upcoming webinar series or have access to the recordings anytime throughout the financial year. 
Webinar presentations are timed specifically to provide you with the following; 
Explanations of ATO and Government law changes around superannuation and tax, giving you time to act before the end of the financial year (EOFY) 30 June comes around, and explain general tax topics with tips and information on claim employee deductions and reporting investment income. 

2024 Corporate Partner Events

Digital YOUtax Week

As a corporate partner employee, you will have access to book an appointment with the YOUtax team all year round. However, YOUtax has created events specifically for YOU this tax season. 

These are monthly themed events that run for 1-week throughout the tax season. 
YOUtax agents open their calendars to Corporate Partner Employees and Team Members Only during Digital YOUtax Week. 

 You will be able to book a 1:1 tax advisory meeting with a YOUtax Accountant for the Advice, Preparation and Lodgement of you annual tax return. YOUtax offer a 20% Discount on Basic Tax Lodgements  

 Depending on the monthly theme, booking in this month will put you in the draw for the weekly prize. 

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