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Compliance Workbook

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Working from Home Compliance Workbook

The purpose of this workbook is to practically assist taxpayers in meeting the substantiation requirements when claiming a deduction for additional running expenses incurred while working from home.

It is to help you comply with the relevant laws set out by the Commissioner of the Taxation Office. It is expected that you prepare this workbook in good faith so as to be relied upon in the event of an ATO review or compliance audit.

 This workbook if completed correctly can support you to feel confident you have met with the ATO’s requirements

Want to see how Emma does it using her calendar?

Emma Baxter is a busy professional like many of YOU, she hates wasting time but loves finding efficient ways to track her working-from-home hours whilst staying compliant with the ATO. Check out this short video [8mins] so you don’t waste valuable time or miss out on your working-from-home claim. 

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