Providing free tax services to vulnerable Australians

weCare is a collective effort between YOUtax, our clients and our corporate partners, to provide vulnerable Australians with access to free tax and financial wellbeing services.

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About weCare

Community Over Competition

How does weCare help?

The weCare fund will be used to provide tax services and advice to vulnerable Australians who have fallen on hard times and need professional support and tax advice. weCare will support the financial wellbeing of women escaping domestic violence situations, individuals and small businesses in financial crisis (covid related or otherwise), individuals and businesses affected by tragedy and natural disaster.

Why does tax matter?

A trusted tax advisor with an empathetic ear is hard to find for Australians suffering from acute financial stress or personal trauma. We want to help relieve some of the burdens by devoting our time and resources to, and inviting our clients and partners to participate in, helping weCare recipients avoid penalties and take advantage of tax minimisation opportunities. Because we understand first hand that you can’t achieve financial wellbeing without a great accountant in your corner.

How can YOU support weCare?

Every YOUtax client will be given the opportunity to forgo their 20% corporate discount and pay it forward into the weCare fund to support a vulnerable Australian. This would mean instead of paying the discounted rate, the client would pay a full fee which is 100% tax deductible. The 20% discount will be paid into the weCare fund, to which YOUtax has already dedicated 100 tax agent hours.

How will YOUtax help?

Going through lifes challenges can bring a lot of compliance and red tape to work through. If you need a quick tax lodgement done with the ATO to get your Centrelink payments across the line, talk to us, we can help. Lost all your receipts or tax information in a natural disaster, talk to us, we can help.

Suffering from financial hardship due to unforeseen circumstances, talk to us we can help.

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