YOUtax Wealth Hub.

Personal finances just went mobile. YOUtax have adopted the very latest tech, providing an EASY-to-use web app that keeps your entire financial world in one place.

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Smart Cashflow and Budgeting

Track your spending habits

Imagine having all of your bank, credit card and loan transactions feed automatically through to categorised accounts using live data feeds.

With smart money tracking YOU can now see where your money is going, whether your spending is on coffee, travel or shoes you can take control of your personal cashflow by reviewing your spending against your personal budget.

The YOUtax Wealth Hub provides transparency and helps you find financial opportunities to change your spending habits that can support your savings or debt reduction goals.

Your Financial Command Centre

Your entire financial world in one place

Have you ever wanted all your wealth assets in one place with up-to-date valuations?

Well, the YOUtax Wealth Hub will provide monthly valuations on your home and rental properties. It will value your car, store your life insurances, connect your superannuation for updated values, monitor your shares through connecting to the ASX and you can even create and store your will.

Rental Property Partnering

Managing your rental property has never been easier

Your YOUtax Wealth Hub is packed with features designed to make life as a rental property owner so much easier.

By adding your rental property to the YOUtax Wealth Hub you will receive updated valuations and insights, tracking your property and suburb performance.

Have your property manager email your rent statements directly to the YOUtax Wealth Hub.

Link your property expenses from your bank to your rental property and track income and expenses for snapshot reporting.

Securely upload and store all receipts and supporting documents in the Wealth Hub and invite your tax agent to access.

Tax Assistant

Tackling tax season with ease

Tax Assistant is a specially built tax tool to track, tag and store relevant tax information (from transactions to receipts) securely online.

No more lost receipts when snapping a simple photo with your mobile app.

Track your common work expenses from your bank by tagging transactions for tax and creating tax reports.

Your tax agent can send to-do’s and reminders for the tax season.

Send your data directly to your tax accountant through the YOUtax Wealth Hub.

Set your goals

Create goals and pair them to your savings account or credit card to track your goal progress.

Get monthly reports

Adjust categories to fit your lifestyle and check in regularly with monthly reports. Whatever your ambitions, we’ll help you get there.

Track every dollar spent

Thanks to live data feeds from prominent financial institutions, your details are always up to date. Every spend is automatically categorised so you know exactly where your money is going. Track your transactions against your budgets.

Quick financial overview

Get a real-time, comprehensive snapshot of your entire financial world, with regular insights to track how things are evolving.

Store all important documents

Store all your important documents securely in the cloud, including wills, insurances, receipts, and rental statements.

Get a will

Don’t have a will? Generate a legally binding will, drafted by a leading estate planning law firm, and automatically populate it with your portal data.

Top priority security

The YOUtax Wealth Hub is a read only service therefore your funds cannot be moved or modified. With bank level encryption including layers of security are embedded throughout the platform to ensure the safety of your financial data.


The YOUtax Wealth Hub

Available on the App Store or Google Play.

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